Using Aminexil Versus a DHT Blocker

Instead of typical DHT blockers, one may consider a drug as Aminexil to regrow hair.  Aminexil ((Diaminopyrimidine Oxide) is an over-the-counter topical solution used by balding men or women, developed by Vichy in L’Oreal laboratories in France.  It is not approved by the FDA and can be purchased without a prescription.  L’Oreal uses Aminexil as an ingredient in their hair loss preventing shampoos.  US drug makers who produce DHT blockers are lobbying against the FDA approval of Aminexil, fearing its competition may hurt them.

According to Vichy, Aminexil works to prevent hair loss by prohibiting premature hardening of individual hair follicles by disabling collagen to build up next to their shafts, rather than acting as a DHT blocker.  Aminexil is used as an ingredient in minoxidil-based topical solutions, but never sold as a “stand alone” product to regrow hair.

What to Expect When Using Aminexil

You may see numerous short hairs growing on your scalp.  Aminexil works differently from a regular DHT blocker.  It causes hardening and shrinking to occur around hair follicles greatly retarding their growth.  Think of it like a large plant growing in a small pot.  Hair trying to grow in its usual manner can’t due to follicle hardening.  Hence it is limited to growing only a few millimeters.  Short hair on the scalp is not necessarily new hair.  This hair is often the first to disappear.  Aminexil works to regrow hair restoring its natural thickness.

Still, you will be able to regrow hair thicker.  Gradually your hair count will begin to increase.  As your hair thickens, you’ll be sure to notice it.  Strands of hair that once had a thickened collagen structure appear to take on a thinner structure.  Once you start using Aminexil your hair will restore its natural thickness.  Some will find that it works much more effectively than a DHT blocker.

Yet, the most important question of all: Does Aminexil have any side effects?  Fortunately, there are none directly associated with this topical solution.  Dermatologists around the globe have tested it for over ten years.  Knowing this, men are free to use it without the worry of adverse sexual effects as commonly found in DHT blockers.

How Does It Compare to Propecia?

Should you take Aminexil or the DHT blocker, Propecia?  Both work to accomplish the same goal: to prevent hardening around the hair follicles.  Though both regrow hair, each is different in the way it is taken and its degree of safety.  Intensive dermatology studies found that Aminexil is safe while Propecia has moderate risks.  Propecia is taken by mouth whereas Aminexil is applied directly to the top of the scalp.  Aminexil works immediately after applied but Propecia takes some time to influence the testosterone hormone since it is a DHT blocker.

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