Saw Palmetto Side Effects – You Must Read This!

Many guys I know think that natural products don’t cause any side effects. However, that is simply not true. Saw Palmetto can cause side effects just like any other supplement or medication. Some of the side effects might even be very unpleasant.

The most typical saw palmetto side effects that you might experience when consuming this drug are vomiting, stomach ache, nausea, difficulties breathing, constipation and diarrhea. If you want to lessen your stomach pain, it’s recommended to consume the saw palmetto with some food. Not as common, but worse saw palmetto side effects include liver damage, jaundice (yellowing of skin) and stomach ulcer, however, the actual role of saw palmetto with these problems is uncertain. There have also been some baseless reports of insomnia, headache, high blood pressure, pain in the chest and muscle pain.

Saw palmetto side effects – Is weight gain one of them?

Females, who consume saw palmetto in order to enlarge their breast, have complained about weight gain as side effect. However, this can vary from one person to another, but weight gain shouldn’t be linked directly with saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto side effects – Is lowered sex drive one of them?

This one I can answer with full confidence – Yes, it is. This was one of the most noticeable side effects I experienced when I used saw palmetto. Fortunately, when I stopped taking the drug, it all went back to the way it was before. You should be aware of that side effect if you afraid to lose your sex drive.

Saw Palmetto Contraindications

In case you take one of the following drugs: anticoagulants, aspirin, anti platelet drugs or non steroidal inflammatory drugs, you should be aware of the fact that taking these drugs can lead to some very unwelcomed contraindications. It must not be taken together with hormonal affecting drugs and sex hormones in males that include flutamide (Eulexin) or finasteride (Proscar or Propecia). Saw palmetto might also interrupt with hormone therapies in women and birth control pills.

Saw Palmetto and hair loss

For those of you who consider taking saw palmetto to combat their hair loss, I would suggest you think twice before doing so. The potential side effects you can experience from taking this drug, simply aren’t worth it. I would recommend you checking my post in which I explain exactly how I stopped my hair loss without using any drug or medication. You can read more about it here.

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