Even Celebrities Are Bald (Even those who use a DHT Blocker)

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As we all know, balding is inevitable and can ruin our lives if we let it.  It is a condition that makes some self-conscious and causes low self-esteem.  Likewise, it gives many men the impression that they’re unattractive and thus lack confidence.  Yet, there are numerous actors, models, singers, and athletes who are bald.  Has this stopped them from becoming famous?  Evidently not!

One thing they all shared in common: they have talent in one specific area and they were not going to let baldness prevent them from making it big.  Just think if Michael Jordan decided he didn’t want to be seen on the basketball court because he lost a lot of hair?  What if Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, or Sir Ben Kingsley decided not to become actors?  What if Phil Collins or Kenny Chesney refrained from becoming musicians due to lack of hair?

If that were the case the selection of sports, movies, and music would not be as great as it is now.  A lot of potential talent would have gone to waste leaving them to live ordinary lives.  If low self-esteem, knowing they were unable to regrow hair back, dominated these characters, the world would have never known them and would be cheated of their fine works.

How Do Celebrities Deal with Baldness?

There is no single answer to this question.  One could guess that many have tried every hair regrowth treatment program available at the time. Many may have considered concealing their baldness with hats, spray-on chemicals, wigs, or toupees only to find these methods sometimes caused discomfort or betrayal.  Most likely, many have tried various drugs and potions as Propecia DHT blocker and Rogaine only to suffer unpleasant side effects.

Still others learn to accept baldness and find ways to turn this condition into an asset.  Over time a motto was created: “bald is beautiful.”   Yet those who did not embrace it may have tried to draw attention away from their baldness by putting emphasis on their finer traits.   Body builders or sports car drivers may be prime examples.   Several have even shaved their heads as a means being unique and “standing out” in a crowd, such as Snead O’Connor.  Some have experienced hair loss until late in their careers but have already become icons.  One example is John Travolta who sang and acted in the 1978 blockbuster movie Grease.

Baldness Is Not a Setback

In essence, baldness may be thought of as no reason to discriminate against a celebrity.  If a pop or country singer produces great hits, would you refuse to buy his or her albums because this artist lacks hair?  Should a top performing athlete be thrown off of the team because of baldness?   Would you avoid seeing a movie just because it employed at least one bald actor?  Absolutely not!   After all, most are elated with celebrities who can perform well rather than look well.

Successful Bald Celebrities

  • Samuel L. Jackson’s acting skills can be appreciated from popular movies like Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Snakes on a Plane and Coach Carter.  He mesmerized the audiences with his fine acting skills.
  • Andy Roddick is among the world’s top American tennis players and a Grand Slam champion who won title at the 2003 US Open competition.
  • Supermodel Alek Wek attributed her career success to being bald.

And there are many, many more examples of bald individuals who have become successful by either by attempting to turn their baldness into an asset or overshadowing it with their best talents and traits.  Just imagine how different their lives would have been if they allowed their baldness to sabotage them.

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